The Get Down: Denver

The Get Down: Denver

January 27, 2022 — 7:00 PM



Buckle up for the dance floor of your dreams, Denver! New York’s wildest dance party hits your town in January. After 9 years of sweaty, sold-out dance floors across NYC (drop “the Get Down” or “Tasha Blank” and you’ll find rabid fans who swear it’s the best rave outside of Berlin) ~ the Get Down is prepping to spread its gospel around the country. 


Get Down NYC founder Tasha Blank has teamed up with Denver DJ Meg Beatty (House of Maro) to ignite dance floors where radical expression is encouraged, all bodies are welcome, and prayers and filthy bass drops are equally celebrated. 


The Black Box was the first venue on Meg’s wishlist: “There’s no spot in town like the Black Box, they’re so committed to the community and are a haven for so many artists. They’re women-led, love their people, have the best sound system in town and are laser focused on incredible music. Walking through their door always feels like coming home.”


What makes the Get Down such a phenomenon? It all starts with three ground rules: No drinks on the dancefloor. No phones anywhere. Love and respect above all. Add those together and you get a dancefloor 100% full of pure sweat where folks are a rare vision of full presence and generous expression. You get a raucous, sexy space with a rich culture of respect where all bodies are welcome to unleash their realest power. 


Other than that, there are no rules. Maybe the DJ is on the floor and the dancers are on stage. Maybe there’s drummers going crazy in the middle, MCs electrifying the crowd like it was a Sunday Revival, VJs throwing wild visuals up on the walls, glitter stations, dancing in cages or surprise live musicians. Expect glitter, pineapple and catharsis.


Every city needs a wild sexy queer shamanic dance church. 

Denver, your time has come. 


Dress to sweat.



Doors: 7:00PM
Music: 7:00PM
End: 11:00PM


TIER 1: $10 (LE)
TIER 2: $15 (LE)
TIER 3: $20

VIP Booth / Bottle Service Inquiry:




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